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Chat bot – A Complete Package For Any Business

AI-powered Chat bots have been trending since, a few years now. It is indeed the new buzzword for many businesses across the world. As these Chat bots can be used for any domain and industry they have become very popular in the market and brands are adopting the idea of accommodating AI-powered Chat bots in their business plans.

Bots leverage chat mediums like messenger, websites, sms and even various social media platforms. You can say that this is a program with predefined logic to assist users virtually and have human-like interactions with the audience through textual conversations. The whole experience of having conversations with AI-powered Chat-bots is based on mimicking real-life conversations between two or more people. A bot interface is primarily driven by dialogue flows which is a two-way conversation between the user and the bot. There are 3 types of AI-powered Chat-bots, the first one which is a rule-based bot that caters to responding to specific commands, the primary focus of this is to provide the user with the information they are looking for and guiding them towards it. The second, which smoothly reciprocates to natural command and responds accordingly, like Alexa, which responds to different chat inputs by the user that may or may not always be business-driven or related to the brand. The third type is a hybrid of both which is again very efficient for carrying out multiple functions at once. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Chat bots are apt for carrying out functions allotted to them smoothly with a minimum scope of error making them a safe bet for businesses.

We know that bots are useful for carrying out various functions by having conversations with users and keeping them engaged. AI-powered Chatbots are great for lead generation as they keep extracting information from the user without making it very obvious or boring. They are smart and can be trained by experts to stand out and give the user a satisfactory experience. These bots can be given a persona to make them even more human-like. They can be trained as per the business requirement making them a very useful asset for any company. Let’s say a user wishes to buy a car, the bot can be trained well to smartly ask the colour, model, engine type etc. and while the user is giving this information to the bot in the chat window, the bot is simultaneously feeding the same information in a form which is very beneficial for any business to understand the user needs and expectations and then enhance their services or products accordingly to meet user expectations. So bots are a great platform to generate quality leads and fill the conversion funnel to help companies boost their ROI. Since AI-powered Chatbots can function efficiently with the data fed in them, they do not need to be constantly looked after, which helps in reducing the cost for the companies who adopt them. They are smart, so the leads generated from them are most likely to hold a lot of potential.

In a world where the need for e-commerce is rising rapidly, AI-powered Chatbots help in turning users into customers and generating sales. They are a great tool for marketing too and if trained well they do hold the potential to make great sales records. Although Chatbots initially were considered to be just a customer service platform, as time passed, businesses understood the true value of them in generating online sales too. These bots can converse with multiple users at one time without hampering or neglecting the quality of conversation with any of them. This enables them to cater to a larger number of audience at once shortening the sales cycle otherwise undertaken by breathing sales representatives. A lot of money and time is spent by companies trying to filter data and identifying potential customers from the leads generated, however, with AI-powered Chatbots, this process is not only simplified but also helps in reducing the overall cost to the company. With inputs made by users, bots are easily able to identify and differentiate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and act accordingly. They know exactly which product or service to offer to which user based simply on the inputs made by them. They grasp user needs very quickly and cater to them in a very effective manner. It is noticed that a lot of companies have had a great boost in the revenue for their business by training their Chatbots well. Once these bots know what the users want they can also be trained to recommend products and services accordingly at regular intervals increasing the probability of the user purchasing the product or service. By collect the require data smartly Chatbots are able to make the right recommendations which the users are very likely to consider buying. This also adds a personalized touch as the users feel valued and the users are also made to feel that the company remembers their needs and updates them regarding their requirements. For instance, if a user is looking for a particular product and does not find it on the website or application, they are very likely to leave the website or application they are on and visit another website to find the same, but if you have a well trained Chatbot, it can recommend similar products instantly increasing the chances of a sale instead of a dropout.

In order to survive in this competitive market, it is very important for businesses to stay upbeat with the ever-evolving technological advances. Users spend a lot of time on messenger apps now than ever before, so communicating with them through these apps is a great way to reach them and the chances for these messages being read on messenger apps is higher too. Users are also likely to respond to these messages if it is of their interest. However, it is difficult for any business to have a dedicated team to manage these conversations on a regular basis and keep up with replying to the always increasing volume of these messages. AI-powered Chat bots are great for lead generation, customer service, sales and conversions, but what they also are good at is marketing. Yes, Chat bots can be trained and marketing data can be stored in them and conveyed to the audience to boost marketing strategies of businesses. Chat bot development agency like Techved will help you to create an appropriate chat bot as per your requirement. If a brand is launching a new product or wants to market an existing product they can showcase the same through Chat bots. Bots can talk about these products and services or show pictures of them, and since the users are already having a conversation with the bot in real-time and are actively responding too, there is no way they can ignore the marketing message in the chat flow. Feedback and suggestions about products bought can also be taken through these AI-powered Chat bots. This further helps in understanding the user’s experience with that product or service. In short, AI-powered Chat bots are a complete package for any company or organization to enhance their productivity, increase brand loyalty and give their users an amazing overall experience. Happy customers always refer products or services to people they know and word-of-mouth referrals are considered to be of great benefit for brands. To get a chat bot done for your organization visit here so that complete information on AI powered chat bots.